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Frequently Asked Questions

The MPG is based on the approach that the human brain can memorize a relatively long sequence of different words (based on nouns, adjectives, verbs) and sentences. This property of the human brain offers the possibility of creating strong passwords that are relatively easy to remember and yet provide strong protection for your own data. The MPG is a pure client solution. That means no internet connection to the server is required. If you want to use the MPG on your own computer, download the program.

  • Each passphrase is generated locally on the computer. Your mouse movements are used as the basis for calculating the passphrase
  • The MPG currently offers 5 different languages ​​(English, Spanish, French and Chinese (Simple & Traditional) for generating the passphrase.
  • You have the option of saving the passphrase in different text formats (*txt, *pdf, *csv or *html).

After a valid passphrase has been created, you have the option of selecting it in the box for created passphrase. Click on the phrase and it will be exported in your desired format. To select the desired format, please click on the Text Format box.

The MPG is free software, which is supposed to help that passwords on the internet are stronger and easier to remember. You can support the project with a small donation to finance the infrastructure. Please click on Paypal's donate button and choose your desired amount.

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